• Dynatrac Free-Spin™ Hub Conversion Kits Replace Problematic Unit Bearings for Improved Durability and Fuel Economy

    In 2003 Dynatrac was the first company to engineer the Free-Spin™ manual locking hub conversion kit to replace the problematic unit wheel bearings found on Ford Super Duty and Dodge Ram Heavy Duty ¾- and 1-ton 4x4 pickup trucks. Unitized wheel bearings are especially prone to wear on lifted applications with bigger tires, and on trucks used for commercial purposes that see heavy-duty use all day, every day.

    The Dynatrac Free-Spin locking hub conversion kit reduces parasitic friction and wear on the front axleshafts, ring and pinion, differential bearings, and front driveshaft and U-joints. Reduced friction equates to increased fuel economy and decreased drivetrain noise on the highway. The Dynatrac Free-Spin kit is the only locking hub conversion kit that is 100 percent made in the U.S. Continue reading

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