Customer's Rides

Josh Billman

"Installed the Dynatrac Serious Performance Package on our 2014 JKUR and love it! Really like not having to worry about it when wheeling. Already had the Dynatrac Progrip brake upgrade front and rear so knew going into it how good a quality product it was. Great customer service as well! Jared was awesome to work with on the axle purchase and still is today when I asked questions after the purchase. Top notch company and even better made in the USA! Thanks Dynatrac!"


"2017 Jeep Wrangler that’s my daily gas guzzler that’s rippxl supercharged and there ripp coil packs with metalcloak rock crawler lift, river raider snorkel and, few lights for those oh shit that deep puddles in mall parking lot Dynatrac ProRock axles with arb lockers for those pesky NJ potholes."

Andy Orlando

"Having built a heavy JT on 46s that sees a lot of time on the rocks with travel all over the country, I needed more than just "average tons' From Moab to Tennessee, Colorado, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and everywhere in-between, my Dynatracs get me to, and more importantly off the trail everytime."

Aaron Dykstra

"One of the best purchases I have made for the JKU. I can hit the harder trails and still drive smoothly at 80mph on the freeway."

Alfred Ramirez

"Paired with my Dynatrac ball joints and RCV axle shafts my ProRock 44 has been flawless on the trails and making light work of my 40’s."

Nicholas Cianfrano

"Man this sweat ProRock XD60/80 HD axle set is bay far the best purchase I have ever made for my Jeep. These axles are tough and live up to the brand. I am currently running 40s and do a lot of rock climbing. These are by far the best axles out there -- love the heat forged knuckles and massive U-joints!"

Jim Ramsey

"The Dynatrac Elite ProRock XD60/80 axle set was the obvious choice for my Jeep JKUR build as I wanted a driveline that could handle a 500+ HP 392 Hemi, driving 40" tires (with planned upgrade to 42s) over the toughest obstacles. Confidence to explore........that about sums it up!"

Johan Cardenas

"Drove from New York to Arctic Circle in Alaska to Run the Alcan 5000 winter Rally on my fully built JKU.

Just build a Gladiator from the ground up with the bulletproof Prorock 60/80 combo and i'm pretty happy with this set up! DYNATRAC JUST GIVES ME CONFIDENCE TO CONQUER ANY TRAIL!"

Gerald Lee

"Jeep Gladiator competed in the King of the Hammers and all of the Score Baja Race. Finishing the King of the Hammers Everyman Challenge and winning term Baja 500, Baja 1000 and Score World Championship in 2019."

Chris Larsen

"From the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic ocean in Alaska my ProRocks 60’s have always been one of my most reliable accessories. She has never seen a trailer."

Katie Kujawiak

"Until I'm ready to swap to Dynatrac axles, I'm running the upgraded 35 spline rear shafts and HD ball joints up front. My stock rear axle could not handle my big wheels and tires and blew up on me. I haven't had any issues since upgrading. Looking forward to the big swap to 60/60 or 60/80 to really see what my Jeep is capable of! Thanks for a little more confidence to explore until then."

David Krajniak

"Last year I broke my front axle on the Rubicon Trail, due to a axle housing failure. When I went to get a new axle I went for the best (Dynatrac). After doing research I decided on the pro rock44 with heavy duty ball joints & the pro grip brake system. Now my Jeep feels solid and it brakes better on 37’s than is did on stock tires, Thank you Dynatrac for offering a durable, cost effective solution. #DynatracEquiped"

Robert Bartucci

"Running 40” tires on my built Rubicon axles was becoming a pain keeping up with wearing out wheel bearings and ball joints so I knew it was time to upgrade to something stronger. I knew that there was only one company to turn to for the strength and durability I was looking for on my Jeep. The guys at Dynatrac were able to walk me through the entire ordering process and got my XD60s sent out with an awesome turnaround time. Can’t wait to test these out soon on the trails."

Lucus Toot

"I have had my pro rock 44 front axle for about 4 years now. It has been a very exceptional piece to my build. I love this axle have had no problems at all 4.88 gears, ARB locker, and RCV shafts. I can't say enough good things about the axle. THANK YOU DYNATRAC"

Gerald Lee

"We built a Jeep Gladiator to race in the King of the Hammers Everyman Challenge. The wheelbase we knew would take it toll on the drive train. We turn to Dynatrac to provide a solution and boy did they come thru with a 6th place result due to the Dynatrac axles. The axles have been bullet prove. In 2019 the Gladiator went on to win The Baja 400 and 1000 as well as the World Championship. Designed and built with performance and quality in mind."


"Picked this beauty up from a friend going on 5 years ago. She's driven to Moab 3 times now for Easter Jeep Safari, wheeled most of the hardest trails Moab has to offer, and driven home. Been to San Carlos, Mexico half a dozen times, played on the beach, and never missed a beat, and in no way can be called a trailer queen. ProRock 60's and 40" tires are a great combination. Thanks for the support Dynatrac!"

George Alva

"When it came time to upgrade my brakes I did a lot of research and decided with Dynatrac Progrip kit and couldn't be happier, my rig stops on a dime and crawls down waterfalls like a spider. Best brake system in that price range. When its time for a axle upgrade theres no research needed it's Dynatrac all the way!"

Kendall Dumas

"I researched as many types of 44 options available for my Jeep and decided that the ProRock 44 was the best option. I couldn't be happier with the choice! We spend a lot of time wheeling in Moab and Hurricane Utah and my ProRock 44 has handled everything I have thrown at it."

Joe Moors

"The ProRock44 gave me the confidence and assurance I needed to conquer the Rubicon Trail in my 2016 Sahara. I know I can depend on Dynatrac to help me through the most extreme trails. Thanks Dynatrac!"

James Popoil

"5 states, and 20 Jeep Badges of Honor later never once have I had to worry about one of my axles failing on me. I built this Jeep to go through anything I throw at it and it never has. Dynatrac axles definitely gives me the confidence to explore in my journey to collecting all 48 Badges of Honor."

Barry Best

"The stock TJ Rubicon D44 axles were a nice improvement over previous models, and held up well for a long time. Then the rear LSD finally let go. So to replace the rear locker, might as well do the front too, and then regear from 5.13's to 5.38's for the new 37's. All that work and the front axle could be a weak point; or a major upgrade to new beefier axles. After research I chose Dynatrac ProRock 44 front, ProRock 60 rear. Custom build 3" tube, 1/2" wall, with the internals I always wanted. They both slid right under the rig and bolted in place perfectly. No cutting, welding, or fabricating, unlike my friend who went with a competitors. Everyone has noticed my increased ground clearance, when they all scraped the rock I cleared. I love my ProRock axles, and the peace of mind, they will get me back home!!"

Christopher Whipple

"I have done quite a bit of rock crawling for years in the mountains in the Shaver Lake Ca area and on the Rubicon trail. In all these years, I have seen a lot of carnage of people’s rigs breaking and most of those times, axles were the weak link. I’ve spent night working on friends rigs on the trails and I made a decision that when I could afford it, I would get dynatrac axles. This past spring, I got a prorock 60 front axle. I love that the strength of my axles is something I don’t have to worry about anymore. I just ordered my rear axle this week. The customer service is great and I would recommend Dynatrac to anyone in the market. "

Jorge Rodriguez

"I purchased my Prorock44 when I lived in Puerto Rico to feel comfortable going wheeling my jeep and not getting stranded miles from the road in deep mud, now that I moved to the states I've been able to expand my roaming to any ORV park and feel confident that I can drive back to Florida from wherever I choose to go. I love it so much, I can't wait to put A ProRock62 in the rear."

Ed Balcer

"I had a pitiful d30 with 3.21 gears and 35's. I knew it would not last so I checked all axle makers and Dynatrac Prorock 44 blew them all away. It has been rock solid and has been a great performer. It has 4.88's and an ARB air locker spinning RCV shafts."

Mike Franks

"I love my axles #DynatracEquipped"

Nick Wood

"I put the ProRock 60’s front and rear on my JK and I don’t think you can break these thing. They are massive! I’ve beat on them pretty good with some 40” tires with zero issues. Customer service is top notch too. If I had any questions about my order even after I already ordered, they were right on top of it."

Michael Aronow

"I had my Prorock44 installed when i blew up my D30. I have put the PR44 through its paces at Rausch Creek a number of times and it has never let me down. I’m looking forward to ordering PR60’s when the time comes. Dynatrac makes some amazing axles as well as many other products!"

AJ Gootee

"When I made the decision to drop my stock axles and create my dream build, I knew exactly what axles I needed, the Prorock 60's from Dynatrac. Equipped with ARB air lockers both front and rear, RCV axle shafts and heavy duty knuckles, these axles are the best upgrade I could have made for my Jeep. I have the total confidence to make it over any obstacle I point my Jeep at, any trail I come across, and know I will still make it home at the end of the day! These are by far the best axles available on the market in my opinion, I absolutely love mine."

Kasey KcClain

"My Jeep is big and heavy with massive 42” tires and 700 hemi horses and the dynatrac prorock 60 xd and prorock 80 handle it all! I truly believe there is not a better set of axles on the market!"

Douglas Denny

"Dropping my Dana 30 and adding the Prorock 44 built with 5.13s and ARBs lockers was simply the best upgrade I have ever done. Talk about a new Jeep with new capabilities. I couldn't be happier with the swap. The extra expense was/is worth every penny, do it right the first time. Thanks Dynatrac for building superior axles!"

Jim Rossi

"Custom built frame up 1966 CJ-5 with Front & Rear ProRock 60's with ARB. RamJet 350 with SM465 4 Speed & Atlas II 10SP GM Right 4.3:1. Custom Fab Roll Cage to the frame with Bulletproof Mfg front & rear bumpers & spare tire rack. Fox 2.0 shocks with Atlas Springs, Recaro power seats, interior and external LinX coating, Dual Odyssey batteries, and Advanced Frame Works chassis."


"I'm running the first ever ProRock 44 for a WJ. Thank you so much Dynatrac for taking on this project through the unknowns. It bolted up perfectly and is working great."

Lynn Howard

"I stretched this 2 door JK body and frame 12 inches and moved the rear axle another 4 inches, Went from 94 inch WB to 110 Rock Krawler long arm front, long arm 3 link rear, 5-38 gears, ARB lockers and Red Label BFG Krawlers works great and looks good. With the Dynatac axles it goes where its pointed."

Neil Gift

"I am using the XD60 rear axle and ProRock 44 front axle on 37 inch Nitto Trail Grapplers. I love the ease of maintenance, no more RTV to deal with. The strength is definitely there with a stronger and more robust rear differential cover. Last week, my wife dug the rear pumpkin into the dirt and drug it quite a ways. Not a single scratch. Very impressed and happy. Thank you Dynatrac!!"

Tom Courson

"When I decided to go with 40" tires I knew I would need some heavier wider axles and went with port rock 60's on both the front and rear."

Mark Crockett

"I purchased this truck 23 years ago when i was in high school from a family friend. I drove it through high school and college and parked it in 1998. In 2001, i started the restoration and after 15 years, i have almost completed it. I recently replaced everything from the frame down, including the new Dynatrac Axles. They handle the 700 HP perfectly and the 38 inch tires are no problem at all."

Mark Shultz

"Truck has a 60 front 80 rear 538 gears GM crate CT 525 LS3 6.2 GM 4L80E Dana 300 with every thing that can be done 42 Pit Bull Rockers on B.A.D wheels to many one off mods to mention"

Daniel Park

"I spent a lot of money and effort trying to upgrade and reinforce my Jeep's Dana 30. After several broken axles, a bent housing, and broken ring gear I decided it was time to do it right.

I invested in a Danatrac ProRock 44 Unlimited and couldn't' be more pleased. It's gone several runs including Moab and the Rubicon with no problems at all.

Next up, I need to address the rear housing, and it will definitely be a Dynatrac."

Chris Broyles

"After a fun day of Wheeling at Adventure Off Road Park in Tenn. We love taking family trips to ORV parks and having a blast, especially with the trusted Dynatrac product installed on our JK."

Carl Thomas

"ProGrip brakes now stop my LS3 powered Jeep on a dime."

Tyler Beck

"Upon reaching a highly eroded, un-passable portion at the bottom of a forested hill, I made a u-turn to head back. As I started my way back, I let a few more lbs out of the tires as I didn't want to risk sliding into the semi wide and deep rut; progress was slow but sure, until I felt some unusual vibrations and grinding. Don't remember hearing anything, but I inspected underneath, and kept driving. Multiple inspections and a few miles later I finally noticed the Dana30LP axle housing was broke all the way around. Ordered the ProRock44 later that week! "

Darron Reynolds

"Searched long and hard for the diesel powered platform I have now. I've built and wheeled many rigs but I love this rig. Just started building it, plan to keep it reliable and fairly simple. It'll be setup more for overlanding as it has the fridge, stove, etc. This winter I'll spend my Christmas break installing a solid front axle and swapping out the rear. Plan to do a set of the prorock 44's. So far we've had this thing across country VIA the Trans-American Trail, Wheeling in Moab and venturing back-country all over the states! Thanks for letting me share."

Peter Cassidy

"I have dynatrac prorock 60 axles front and rear with ARB lockers transferring the power of a Cummins 4BT to 37" BFG KM2's. Couldn't be happier with my epic axles and everyone on the trails gets jealous! Also have custom anodized king coilovers, tub monstalined inside and out, and YJ suspension converted from leaf sprung to long arm 4 link."

John Dalla Rosa

"Bought the beauty last May just about bone stock. I had a budget in mind and well exceeded that amount. I had planned on upgrading my axles but not right away 2nd time wheeling broke rear axle so did a 60 rear and 44 front. Love the axles and how this thing handles. I drive this thing every day and hasn't disjointed me yet."

Chris Schneider

"Ive been in the 4x4 game since i was 16 but decided to pick up a brand new JKU Rubicon in april on 2013. since then ive added Evo long Arms a warn winch and countless other upgrades. My two fav upgrades are without a doubt my prorock44 front and my rear trail 60 both equipped with arb air lockers. These axles have absolutely giving me the confidence to explore having taken my jeep on a 20,000 mile cross country trip in the summer of 2014 that took me from NY to Moab to the rubicon and back to NY. I put these axles to the test and they spit back what ever i threw at them. The confidence knowing your axles can handle whatever you throw at them is priceless. I will never run any axles in my rig other then dynatrac. Im sure im just one of the thousands and thousands of extremely satisfied customers. Thank you Dynatrac for your countless hours of R&D to come up with the best axles on the market."

Daren Arnold

"The Super Charged 98 TJ finally gave up the old 30 late this winter. The New ProRock 44 with RCV shafts, Eaton locker should be good for years to come. ProRock 44 rear this summer with Stretch and 4 link on the way. Poison Spyder exterior. Just picked up a 2006 LJ for the winter build with ProRock 60's in the plan. Hard to decide what to finish first! Both will be ready soon for the Black Hills of South Dakota!"

Owner: Kyle Evans; Builder: Leelanau Motorsports

"Kyle's design theme was to modernize the overall usability and capability while maintaining a period correct look. The stance, wheels, tires, and hub caps all say 1970s. The 6.2 liter all aluminum V-8 and 6spd automatic are adapted to a NP231 transfer case. The Dyantrac Dana 60 rear and 44 front have ARB lockers. The original chassis has been fully boxed and strengthened. The suspension geometry is based on Jeep Wrangler TJ. Fox coil overs up front, Metal Cloak sixpak shocks out back. It rides on 31x10.50 BFG KOs mounted on 15x8 steelies."

John Patrick

"This has been a long time Dream finally coming to life! I have been saving for 3 years for my Dream build and it started with my Dynatrac axles. Then an Atlas 2spd, PSC steering, a 12" stretch in the rear with a Double Triangulated Arm System ! Setting on Raceline Beadlocks and 40" Toyo's.It is so close to being finished and I can't wait! Thanks for building these awesome axles Dynatrac! I will post some pics when it's finished, stay tuned!"

Matt Chapman

"My 99 TJ is a work in progress. It has a ProRock 44 up front with an Eaton locker and 4.56 gears. Alloy Grande 30 hubs and stub shafts, Teraflex high steer knuckle, G2 rear D44 with an Eaton locker, 35x12.5x15 Pitbull Rockers Radials, GenRight front bumper, rock sliders and armor, UCF skids, cage and rear tire carrier built by Sinister Offroad."

David R. Clouser

"This daily driver has been around the country, on different trails that mostly favor rocks. It has a DynaTrac ProRock 44 on the front, heavy duty ball joints, 4:88 gearing w/Eaton E-Lockers front and rear, RockCrawler 5.5" Long Arm Coil-Over suspension w/4 Link on Rear Axle, RockCrawler Pro Series Aircraft Al Tie-Rod, Poison Spyder Al sliders and flares.

I didn't intend on building up a new vehicle, but after wheeling it stock, with the new engine in the 2012's, I couldn't resist. As every wheeler knows, upgrades become an addiction and you end up going further than you originally envisioned!"

Sean Robinson

"A ProRock 44 front axle, combined with an ARB and RCVs, gives me the confidence to explore any obstacle and drive home afterwards. Thanks for making an industry leading product. "

Jake Baker

"My ride sports a 392 Hemi with 530 HP all trapped inside a Wrangler Unlimited body and framework. I just installed the ProGrip brake system to slow this baby down. I run your ProRock 60 axle in the rear as we trail around Arizona. Love your products - bullet proof and you know you're getting home on your own and not on the end of a tow rope. Rig looks clean right now as it sits in the garage...but trust me, this ain't no mall crawler - we trail hard!"

Damon LeBeouf

"Like a lot of people i upgraded my front axle to a prorock 44 because i bent the poor factory 44 pretty quickly!! So far the prorock has had a few offroad trips, had a few scratches and gouges added to it for character, but hasnt bent!

I'm looking forward to hopefully getting Dynatrac's new brake kit for the JKs. I've read several favorable reviews. "

Shay Stepp

"Over the last 10 years my Bronco gone through a lot of changes and upgrades. I have broken 3 Ford 8.8's to date and was getting tired of replacing rear axles. Im sure a transfer case double had nothing to do with the breakage! I installed a Dynatrac Prorock 60 out back and haven't looked back! This axle feels bullet proof and gives me the confidence to explore the unknown!"

Jim Bemis

"I am the second owner of this jeep, but what a great story! Original owner built the jeep in several phases and has proven to be nearly bulletproof. I bought the jeep with the Dynatrack high pinion 60's already installed. I have challenged this rig on the toughest trails in the southeast for 4 years with 40" trepadors, and 41" pitbull rockers. These axles take a severe beating but have never once complained."

Michael Dowdall

"My Dynatrac ProRock 44 equipped 99 TJ, fitted with a YUKON Zip locker and a set of RCV shafts. I'm planning on a Pro Rock 44 rear axle in the future. Great products, built tough!"

Erick Miller

"Equipping the best axles and customer service in the industry to my 2013 JK gave me the peace of mind and confidence to take on any obstacle the trail has to offer. The ProRock 44/60 Hybrid front gives me the clearance of a 44 and the strength of a 60, while the ProRock 60 rear can take ALL the abuse I can throw at it. These axles are by far my favorite upgrade on the Honey Badger and will be one of my first upgrades on the next one. Thanks Dynatrac, your products rock!"

Brent Jolley

"98 tj 103" wheelbase. Pro rock 60's front and rear."

John Pierce

"I bought my JK in 2008 and have steadily modded it and outgrew the stock D30 and chose a ProRock44 to handle the 39" BFG Krawlers. It has handles all that I've put it through without any issue."

Lee Fisher

"All started when I blew up the factory transfer case and rear D44. I upgraded the transfer case to an Atlas 3:8 and knew I needed stronger axles. Plus I wanted 40's!! So after tons of research I decided on dynatrac prorock 60's!! My deciding factor was that I had not heard any bad things about the prorocks but most importantly that are made here in the USA. It was great purchase and my prorocks have taken me everywhere I wanted to go!"

Nicholas Jones

"Needed to get rid of my stock d30, so the only logical option was the best axle period! Went with the Pro Rock 44 unlimited with Pro Steer balljoints, and never looked back!"

Scott Schoenfelder

"I picked my YJ up about 2 years ago. I was planning on building my CJ3A with the money that I had gotten from selling my Range Rover but stumbled across a pretty built YJ one morning that had just about everything I wanted to do to the 3A, including a Dynatrac ProRock 60 out back. I made an appointment to look at it and decided it was the Jeep for me! 2 years of hitting the trails in the Tillamook State Forest later, I have had ZERO issues with the ProRock.

It's a great feeling knowing that I don't have to worry about breaking anything with the rear axle. Great product!"

Jim Fortman

"My recent Dynatrac upgrades have surpassed my expectations. Looking forward to keep putting them to the test in the Arizona rocks."

Robert Hobbs

"After destroying my factory front axle I wanted something that I could rely on and not have to worry about so I chose a Dynatrac PR44 and have never had to think twice about my front axle whether exploring the desert or crawling in the mountains."

Trevor Igo

"Best investment to date for my Jeep period. I wanted a fully capable Overland style Jeep that can perform well in all terrains and do so without breaking."

Chris Schneider

"I have always been jeep guy but decided to go hard or go home with my new JK. It is completely decked out in all evo mfg parts and thats sitting on a trail 60 and prorock44 both with arb air lockers. The confidence to explore is so true. Last year i took my jeep from long island new york all the way to calirfornia and back hitting moab the rubicon drummond island and lots more on the way. The confidence i had to tackle these trails is soley due to the dynatrac axles under my jeep. That confidence that my rig can handle what ever i throw at is is soley due to ur excellent axles i will never run any other axle in any of my rigs. You have a life long customer!!"

Nathan McLean

"Recently upgraded my Sahara with tons of modifications but the jewel of the build continues to be the Dynatrac Pro Rock Axles. Whether on the road or the trail, they perform flawlessly and give supreme confidence when crawling!"

Mike Franks

"I love my axles #DynatracEquipped"

Wayne Judkins

"2014 Jeep Wrangler
Offroad Evolution Double Throw Down
12" King Coilover and Bypass shocks
Pro Rock 60 front / Pro Rock 80 rear
Atlas 4.3:1 Transfer Case
40" Nitto Trail Grappler
ATX Slabs"

Vic Bertucci

"After destroying many components on the stock TJ axle I decided it was time for an upgrade. The prorock 44 coupled with good axles and a modified truss/3 link made a dependable combo for me. The Jeep sees everything from snow to mud to rocks with no regrets so far!"

Cole Quinnell

"This is my 1946 CJ-2A, also known as the 14 Day Flattie. I built it with friends in the late 1990s. When it comes to axles, I was sick of carrying spare parts with me and changing steering joints out on the trail. So for this build I called Dynatrac for a pair of 60s. Out of habit, I put a spare steering joint and the tools to change it in the toolbox in my Jeep. That was 20 years ago and the steering joint and tools haven't been touched. The Jeep has done a couple of Ultimate Adventures, run the 24 Hours of the Hammers (pre-KOH) and done every trail I've ever dreamed of. These axles were built before Dynatrac invented the ProRock and they are still kicking! Not everything on the Jeep was as bulletproof as the axles, but it is still around. Can't wait to hit some more trails with it!"