Free-Spin™ Service Parts

Below is a list of service parts for Dynatrac Free-Spin™ Kits. You may order service parts from Dynatrac by calling 714-596-4461, or find the manufacturer's replacement parts at your local auto parts store.


 Description Quantity Needed Dynatrac Part # Manufacturer Part #
Spindle/Needle Bearing 2 DA60-1244-BA SPICER-700014

Thrust Washer & Seal Combo

2 DA60-1X1175-A SPICER-44506
Boot Seal 2 DA60-1175-F SPICER-50381
Inner Wheel Bearing 2 DA60-1244-A TIMKEN-387A
Inner Wheel Race 2 DA60-4222-B TIMKEN-382A
Outer Wheel Bearing 2 DA60-1244-B TIMKEN-LM104949
Outer Wheel Race 2 DA60-4222-C TIMKEN-LM104911
Hub Seal 2 DA60-1175-D TIMKEN-475960
Spindle Nut (6 Point) 4 DA60-1195-A SPICER33732
Spindle Nut Washer 2 DA60-1198-A SPICER-33733
Spindle Nut Socket 1 DA60-0008-B OTC-7090-A


Please Contact Us at 714-596-4461 for More Information and Pricing