Customers’ Rides

  • Barry

    The stock TJ Rubicon D44 axles were a nice improvement over previous models, and held up well for a long time. Then the rear LSD finally let go. So to replace the rear locker, might as well do the front too, and then regear from 5.13's to 5.38's for the new 37's. All that work and the front axle could be a weak point; or a major upgrade to new beefier axles. After research I chose Dynatrac ProRock 44 front, ProRock 60 rear. Custom build 3" tube, 1/2" wall, with the internals I always wanted. They both slid right under the rig and bolted in place perfectly. No cutting, welding, or fabricating, unlike my friend who went with a competitors. Everyone has noticed my increased ground clearance, when they all scraped the rock I cleared. I love my ProRock axles, and the peace of mind, they will get me back home!!