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Welcome to the New Dynatrac Website

You probably noticed pretty quickly that we have done a complete overhaul of our website. The new Dynatrac.com has a modern look to it and is responsive to automatically reconfigure to display and function well on smarthpones, tablets and an unlimited variety of computer screen sizes.

But we didn’t build this website for us, we built it for you! So we want to know what you think! Kick the tires, engage the lockers and explore our new website. Then let us know what you think. In addition to checking out the product info and shopping that you can do on Dynatrac.com now, there are a few new sections that you should explore:

New-Dynatrac-WebsiteTech Info and News

Tech Info and News is where we’ll post tech articles, interesting tidbits, new products announcements and so on. When you’re in business for over 25 years and you strive to be the best in the business, you collect a lot of technical expertise, and this is where we’ll share it with you. In addition to reading the articles we post here, you can share your opinion or ask a question by posting comments.

Customers' Rides

Our new Customers’ Rides section is all about you. It’s a place for you to upload stories about your 4x4s or your adventures. We don’t build bookcase trophies, we build products that give you the Confidence to Explore® and this is where you can share your stories with us and all those who visit it our website.

Product Reviews

We’re letting people review our products on our website. Find a product you own, click on it and add your review!

Share Your Favorite Product

You can also share your favorite Dynatrac product (one you wish you had or one you already have) on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Pinterest! Just click the social media icon right above the dark gray “Detail” bar when you’re looking at a specific product. And if you're not already, please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, add us to your Google + circles, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Create a Wishlist

That’s right, you can put items on a wishlist and then send the list to your rich uncle or your sugar momma.

Signup for Emails

At the bottom of every page is a signup area where you can let us know that you’d like to receive emails from us about news, specials and the like. What we won’t do is bury you in emails and we don’t share our email list with anyone.

So give it a test drive and let us know what you like, what you don’t like and if you found any areas were we weren’t quite as finished as we thought we were.


NOTE: We offered a free shirt to anyone who posted a comment with some constructive comments when the site first launched. We had a great response and appreciate everyone's input. We ended the offer on March 27, 2015. Even though we're no longer offering a free shirt as incentive, we still would like to hear your comments on our new website.

60 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Dynatrac Website”

  • Love the new site it is very easy to navigate through everything on my mobile phone

  • Jasonn Norwood March 12, 2015 at 6:29 am

    The Web site looks great , the Drop down menu now makes it easy to navigate and look for different assesories , However the White Letters and the white stars on the flag is clashing wiith (2) of them and you can't read the words. Where it says Rebuildable Ball joints and Tech Info and news is hitting a white star , also where you have My account the M is clashing with the Red on the flag and it does not stand out until you hover over and it becomes blue. Overall a huge improvement , Thank you and keep producing some awesome products !! ,
    PS: My T-Shirt size is XXL , :)

    • I notices a few things that might want to be addressed. The "My Account" hits the red in the flag and makes if difficult to read. The font color in the search bar is a "Lime Green", not a good choice, and the font size does not match the size of the search box. I also thing that there is a little lack on proportions, example the "add to cart" button is huge compared to the "wishlist" and "compare". This also could apply to the cart basket. The price is really small compared to the "edit" and "trash button". There is a since of wasted space also.
      On the "ProRock Portal Axle™ for Jeep JK" page I would consider recreating the chart graphic, it is fuzzy and everything else has a crisp look.

      Sorry guys I don't mean to pick it all apart, I just wanted to give you actual constructive criticism.

      Chris M.

  • Much easier to make my way through the site and see what I'm looking for! Very excited to be using this site more and more in the near future. Great job dynatrac!

  • Great Site guys!! Keep up the great work and creative design. Make life a lot easier when a Web Site is designed with the consumer in mind. Thank you!! My T-Shirt Size is XL.

  • i like the new look, it's much easier to navigate for specific products. P.S. My D80/D60 are being instaled as we speak, I can't wait! You Guys Rock!!!

  • Jeremy Sharrard March 12, 2015 at 6:43 am

    The new site looks and feels much easier to navigate. One thing that I might add which would make it easier to navigate would being able to select your vehicle from the get go which shows all parts specifically related to just your vehicle selected. I think this would help customers quickly get to see the items they are looking for and possible other items they didn't know they needed. Just a thought. Keep up the great work!

  • Jorge Rodriguez March 12, 2015 at 6:48 am

    I am planning an upgrade for my JK and I love how the new website gives me more information to clear all my doubts before committing the purchase.

  • The new site looks great! Now I can see the full detail of all the quality products and navigate with ease.

  • New layout looks great. Really dig all of the visuals and the American pride throughout. Launch page seems well thought out. Content pulls users in with visuals and video. Customer's rides gives a sense of ownership and participation. Links on the bottom ribbon are clear including contact info and phone number (YES!). Good work!

  • Wow, way better than before, the old page seemed very archaic and hard to find what your looking for, it's much easier to navigate through and has a much better look to it, seems as though there was a lot of thought put into the new page. It would be easy to be super critical but I think you have done a great job and I have no negative input at this time. Thanks for all the great products and stepping up your website.

  • The new website clears up any doubt of the product and answers questions we all may have! Brightens up Dynatrac's name and also simplifies the searching process! Glad you made the change!

  • Charlie Fonville March 12, 2015 at 7:04 am

    Love the new look. Now I can look at all the wonderful products on my mobile device.. all I need now is more money! Great change Dynatrac.

  • Website is awesome. My favorite part is the "Tech Info & News" where you answer a lot of questions, offer good information about different axles, and I really like the story of how Dynatrac came about. A true American Dream story. Way to go Jim!

  • I really like the new layout and the ease of getting around the web sight and the great pictures of products. Thanks for the hard work in building the site. Will be here more often now.

  • I absolutely love the dropdown menu, speed, and of course the stars and stripes. I can narrow down to the product I'm looking for in seconds all that's left is to click BUY NOW! GREAT JOB!

  • Looks awesome! Very excited about the new ProGrip system!
    One thing I couldn't figure out (and I don't see anyone else with this problem, so maybe I'm just blind), is how to compare items.

    I can see the "Compare Products" section on the side bar, but I'm not sure how to add products to it when in the list view. However, I see the text to click when I'm looking at the grid view.

    Other than that everything looks great! Extremely easy to navigate, menus are clean and efficient, good stuff!

  • GREAT job Dynatrac. love the Tech Info and news.

  • The new site is much improved in many areas. Particular area of improvement for me is the axel options for the JK Rubicon are right there on the JK screen with list prices. The old site had a table that was accessed via a tab that included the different part numbers. I always had to reference prior screens to make sure I was identifying the correct part number. Tech info and news section also has more meat than before. The web site looks to finally match the quality of your products.

  • Laurie McAllister March 12, 2015 at 8:20 am

    The website is great! Good job Jim and company! Well laid out, easy to navigate and all the necessary information. My only (small) comment is that there is a lot of extra whitespace on the opening page (between images and item links, etc.). Reducing this whitespace would allow more items to be displayed per page/screen.

  • The new layout looks good and the tech articles are helpful.

    I would like to see axle specific tech information. For example, I'm about to have PR 60's installed on my TJ and I would like to see recommended brand/weights of gear oil, torque specs the different parts of the axle assembly.

  • The Web site looks great ,Because it is the latest thing in Responsive Design, it is splendid.
    It is easy to see both the design and the layout and is easy to go to the page of the product to want to see.I show respect for people who made this site as as one Jeep owner and one Web designer.

  • I really like the new site! I like the way you incorporate the all to rare Made in America feel with the colors and flag. I also think that you have a nice mix of information and product details. I would love to see an axle builder option that basically is interactive and allows the user to fill in criteria via a questionnaire and then makes axle and axle configuration recommendations for your particular build. I also think it would be cool to add a virtual factory tour for those of us like myself that are to far to visit firsthand to see where the best axles are made. Other than that your website is impressive!

  • The new site looks awesome. Not to offend anyone, but the American flag across the top probably doesn't reflect youre an international company. Just my two cents.

  • I like the website overall, very clean.
    Information is very good,

    slight fix, on Chrome at least, for the top bar, the red My Accounts aarea overlaps the red in the flag. depending text size and area it is a bit hard to read the red on red.
    Also on the Portal Axle page, if the table was a table instead of an image it would look better.
    I was trying to see all the differences between a ProRock44 and a 44/60 and a 60 for my JK,. when trying to compare PR44s it said they were added but no area/link to see the comparison, etc.

    There, that is it.

    I really like the new site. It was very easy to find things and has a great design.

    it would be great to also have a table format breakdown of schematics information (width, brake diameter, etc) for each part.

    I see the previous comments show what I would like: compare, configurator/builder, part numbers without having to go inot the individual product page

  • I enjoyed checking out the new website design on an iPhone 6 plus platform. The menu was easy to navigate. I am looking forward to reading your tech articles as I consistently see your products on top of pack vehicles.

  • Iove the new interface! Very nice choice on the American flag representing made in America!

    best of all, the fact that prices can be seen and actually able to order straight from yall directly online.

  • I really like the way the site is set up, very clean and simple to find what your looking for!!

  • Love the new website design! The addition of the online ordering option is great for the simple items like ball joints, axle covers, etc. Also, love the American Flag! Advertising that you guys are an American company (design, build, etc) is great and it should be front and center.

    When it comes to ordering axles, I think the direction to call for a custom quote is good, however, maybe have an option to "Build an Axle" almost like you would choose options on your car. Than, once the build is complete, it would shoot you guys a message that you could then reply to or call the customer to review their choices.

    Again, great redesign!

  • Love the new layout it is one of the best ovehuals i have seen it makes navigation super simple specifically to find parts for any of the rigs i have . Plus im not wasting time trying to make sure im getting the part for a dana60 and its supposed to be a dana80 . But with the new layout the organization is on point all parts are in the same spot for each axle so no more mismatched parts thanks dynatrac for helping out us and not just thinking about the company.

  • Well done. Responsive is the way to go. I work on my desktop, but browse after 5:00 PM on my iPhone. Sites that force me to pinch and zoom are annoying. The color palette is very patriotic, always a win in the Jeep community.

  • New website looks really good but maybe hav some sort of axle configurator with a ball park price list so people can get an idea of what their specific axle will run. Maybe add a gear and tire selection chart so people can use that as well. Also the grey font on white background is a little hard to make out.

  • Overall the new page is great much better than the old one. You should have an axle configuator with options and prices, I think it would help people buget a potential build.

  • The Flag Draped Splash page really looks great. Being retired Military, it does my heart good when I see companies display something like you have. Great Job

  • Nice. Much better than the other site, easier to navigate and more intuitive.

  • Excellent job. Site is well designed and easy to navigate. Mirrors the experience I had at TCS speaking to the guys in the booth. Knowledgeable and informativE. THANKS

  • Nice job! I'm on an iPad.
    Worked well signing up for an account and the pages loaded fairly quickly on wifi.
    I caught a couple CSS errors.
    The "return to top" floating button is half on/half off on any page.
    On the products pages the photos are under/overlapping the "vote" sidebar.
    .../axle-assemblies/prorock-60-axle... is an example.
    I would have preferred to have had the login/admin pages under an SSL, if not the whole site.
    Back to work....so I can buy.

  • I like the new website much easier to find things, but on the jk pro rock 80 page the hyperlink at the bottom for "10 Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for an Off-Road Axle" just leads back to the home page it may just need an updated link to the new location of the article. I think it would be a good read and would hope to see it fixed.

  • I think the text would be easier to read if it was outlined in black or maybe blue to keep the American flag theme going.

    The text at the very top right could especially use an outline.

    The grey bold might look better if it was a little darker to, but overall I like the new website a lot better.

  • Love the new web site, easy to navigate and search for various items. Seems the color below the Dynatrac logo that is black somewhat blends into the blue of the American Flag. The rest of the web site is very well laid out. Thanks for updating the Dynatrac web site.

  • The function of the new website is great,easy to navigate,just wish you had free axles lol.

  • Great new look for the site. I love it! Easy to navigate.

  • I was reading some articles in the ProRock 44 section and the link to "10 Questions You Should Ask When Shopping for an Off-Road Axle" does not seem to work.

  • very looking site, so easy to navigate.

  • Great new site. I was really hoping to see more links to technical articles. I would like to see documents on the procedures to rebuild the axles, maintenance, and parts drawings in .dwg. I have pr60/80 on one vehicle and pr60/pr60 on another. It would be great to see more specifications listed. I would also like to have a way to order replacement parts online.

  • Great updated page! Awesome quality difference vs the old page. Mobile friendliness is a huge plus. Love the ability to shop on the site. Customer rides, tech tips, and search are great additions and helpful to me. Colors, words, pictures are all fine to me. Everything flows well. Looks good, works good, is good!


  • Looks great! Hoping to order a front axel for my JK soon, just can't decide, to many choices....

  • William Thomas March 14, 2015 at 1:04 pm

    Great new website that really moves into the modern age, I like it! Lots of product to drool over, and lots of tech to read, the videos are a nice touch too. There are a few little touch ups needed here and there, like needing more contrast in the font to background colors like on the top right of the page at the my account button. Maybe a black font that still goes blue when hovered over? It would be nice if you were able to put more complete axle pricing/options and shipping cost on the more popular axles, but I don't know how practical that would be for you as a business, I'm sure figuring an average cost of truck freight might be pretty challenging. That's my 2 cents. Congrats on the new site, it really is a HUGE improvement over the old one! I've been on about 2-3 times a week over the last few months, trying to soak up all I can about a PR44 for a JK, so I can help you recoup the investment for the new site ASAP! Thanks!

  • I ran Prorocks on my last 07 JKU. Thanks to Scott Frary at the time for his valuable input. Best investment made on the JK and yes, sometimes I just Looked at them. Works of art and great customer service. I am building a 2012 JK now and it will absolutely have Prorocks. Best Regards, Rich. Euless, TX size XXL

  • I have enjoyed surfing the new website, but have found that the tech info and news section is great for news, but really doesn't have any tech info. I am the proud owner of ProRock 60, and am trying to find out what kind of gear oil it takes, and that info is not to be found on the tech info page. For us do it yourself geeks, it would be simply fabulous to be able to visit the website for specifics so we don't worry about doing the wrong thing when we service our beautiful axles. Thanks..

  • I wasn't too familiar with the old website but this new one seems great. Tons of information on all your different products and really easy to navigate. It's nice to come to an off road products website and be able to find what you're looking for easily.

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