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  • ProRock XD60-GM-IFS


    Dynatrac™ introduces the missing link in GM IFS truck drivetrain: the ProRock XD60-GM-IFS™ for the ultimate upgrade in front axle strength and durability. Developed for military applications, the ProRock XD60-GM-IFS provides unmatched strength and durability for 2007 and newer GM 2500 HD 4x4 trucks with Duramax and Allison transmission. Continue reading

  • Dynatrac™ Introduces JK44 Pro Axleshaft Kits


    Dynatrac™ introduces front and rear JK44 Axleshaft Upgrade Kits for the 2007 and newer Jeep Wranglers (JK). These kits are made in the U.S., and they provide an affordable way to significantly increase the strength of factory Dana 44 axles (and ProRock 44™ front axles) with high-quality Dynatrac components. The Dynatrac JK44 Axleshaft Upgrade Kits come with everything you’ll need to replace and upgrade the factory shafts. Continue reading

  • ProRock 60 Rear Axle for Toyota Tacoma


    The Dynatrac ProRock 60® for 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma trucks offers the legendary strength of a Dynatrac axle housing and axleshafts in a Builder’s Kit. This high-pinion ProRock 60 housing features heavy-duty suspension-mount brackets jig-fitted and welded in place to bolt to factory suspension. The axles have the correct Toyota wheel bolt pattern to accept stock or common aftermarket wheels for these applications, and it is compatible with the ABS and the stability control system. Continue reading

  • 40-Spline ARB Air Locker Available Exclusively Through Dynatrac

    ARB and Dynatrac™ introduce the 40-spline ARB Air Locker, available exclusively through Dynatrac for the ProRock XD60™. This version of the ARB Air Locker has been engineered to accept 40-spline axleshafts and oversized Dynatrac ProRock XD™ carrier bearings. It is also equipped with the industry’s first oversized carrier bearing trunnion that will not deform or cone-out under severe loads. Continue reading

  • New Dynatrac ProGrip II™ Performance Brake System Provides Exceptional Braking Performance for 2007 and Newer Jeep Wranglers

    The new ProGrip II™ Brake System from Dynatrac™ gives owners of the 2007 and newer Jeep Wrangler (JK) exceptional braking performance with approximately twice the brake torque output of the stock system, while also improving brake-pedal feel and reducing pedal travel. The ProGrip II expands the Dynatrac brake system offerings for the Jeep JK, building on the success of the ProGrip which was introduced just a year ago. Continue reading

  • Now IFS KOH Racers and Other 4x4s can have Legendary Dynatrac™ Strength and Durability with the All-New ProRock XD60-IFS™

    Dynatrac™ introduces a solution for IFS 4x4s and KOH competitors that delivers an unmatched combination of strength, durability, size and value. The all-new Dynatrac ProRock XD60-IFS™ will take the abuse of high-horsepower and high-traction off-road tires, letting competitors use the skinny pedal without fear of breaking the differential.

    More than just legendary Dynatrac strength and durability, the XD60-IFS is also narrower than the competing axles at just 13.7 inches from flange-to-flange. Continue reading

  • Dynatrac™ Reinvents its Revolutionary Off-Road Axle Design with the Stronger, Lighter and More Versatile ProRock XD60™

    Dynatrac™ introduces the next step in its revolutionary, patented ProRock™ series of off-road axles with the all-new ProRock XD60™. The Dynatrac engineering team went back to the drawing board to find ways to increase the strength and durability beyond the patented ProRock 60® which is already the industry standard. The new axle is available in both front and rear drive axle applications.

    The new Dynatrac ProRock XD60 starts with a center section cast from high-strength nodular iron. The patented design provides the best ground clearance in the industry.

    Continue reading
  • AL-X Experimental Aluminum Axle

    The Dynatrac AL-X Experimental axle explores the possibility of a lightweight, high-performance axle for the off-road industry. The Dynatrac AL-X is a product of the vast OEM engineering and testing resources of AAM combined with the off-road design and expertise of Dynatrac, resulting in an axle with industry-leading performance-to-weight ratio. Continue reading

  • ProRock 80 IRS

    Dynatrac™ continues to push the limits of innovation in axle assembly technology, with its all-new ProRock 80-IRS® Independent Axle Assembly. This is the evolution of the Pro60-IRS® and complements the ProRock XD60-IFS. The ProRock 80-IRS is designed to exceed the demanding needs of racing, military and commercial applications. It incorporates Dynatrac innovations from the company’s line of ProRock solid axles and the engineering and expertise that Dynatrac team brings to every project. Continue reading

  • Why Ring Gear Load Bolts are Useless

    We've had several people ask if load bolts are a useful method of strengthening ring gear teeth. The answer is that load bolts are NOT helpful for off road vehicles. Furthermore they mislead users into thinking they’re protected if their housing is so equipped. This is why Dynatrac’s focus has always been on designing a highly rigid housing as the best way to ensure gear strength and durability. Spend your money on a US-made ProRock, and not a load bolt gimmick. Continue reading

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