ProRock IFS and IRS Axles

ProRock IFS and IRS Axles

From extreme racers to enthusiast and industrial off-road vehicles, independent front and rear suspension systems are gaining popularity, and Dynatrac™ is equipped to provide legendary durability and strength for these applications. We’ve developed the ProRock XD60-IFS™ and ProRock 80-IRS™ as extreme, hardcore differentials that can be used in demanding independent suspension systems.

ProRock XD60-IFS™

The ProRock XD60-IFS™ will take the abuse of high-horsepower engines and high-traction, large diameter off-road tires, giving competitors and off-road enthusiast nothing to fear when pushing things to the limit on or off the trail.

More than just legendary Dynatrac strength and durability, the XD60-IFS™ is also narrower than the competing axles at just 13.7 inches from flange-to-flange. This improves half-shaft angles and lets builders add suspension travel. The patented Dynatrac ProRock™ design also delivers best-in-class ground clearance and reduces the overall frontal impact area. It’s built to take impacts, so you can run a Dynatrac ProRock™ without a skid plate, freeing up even more ground clearance.

ProRock XD60-IFS™ Design Specs and Highlights

  • High-Strength Cast Nodular Iron Centersection
  • Features Exclusive Larger Carrier and Pinion Bearings for Increased Strength
  • Utilizes 10.1-inch diameter, Reverse Cut High-Pinion Ring Gear
  • Connection Points for Air and Electric Locker Differentials Cast into Unit
  • Mounting Points for Housing are Integrated into Casting
  • Structurally-Integrated Differential Cover with Special RockRibs for Protection
  • Differential Cover Lower Bolts 7/16-inch Diameter and Deeply Embedded for Protction
  • Made in the USA

The Dynatrac ProRock XD60-IFS™ comes with 40-spline 4340 inner axleshafts and either 934 or series 30 flanges. The ProRock XD60-IFS™ accepts a full range of differentials, including air lockers and electric lockers. Gear ratios are available from 3.54:1 to 5.38:1

ProRock 80-IFS/IRS™

The Dynatrac ProRock 80-IFS/IRS™ provides optimum strength and minimum size in independent suspension systems for vehicles up to 11,000 (4,990 Kg) GAWR. The ProRock 80-IFS/IRS™ axle features optimum ground clearance, minimum impact area and uses readily available bearings and seals for easy servicing.

The patented Dynatrac ProRock® design provides unbeatable ground clearance and reduces the frontal impact area by 30-precent. The smooth bottom of the ProRock XD80-IFS/IRS™ is engineered to take direct impacts from rocks without the need of a skidplate under the axle. This reduces overall vehicle weight and cost, while providing even more ground clearance.

All Dynatrac drivetrain systems are engineered to protect against field failures. These axles are cost-effective and designed to accept readily available common service parts to make service around the world easy and cost-effective.

ProRock 80-IFS/IRS™ Design Specs and Highlights

  • Highest Strength-to-Weight Ratio in Its Class
  • 35- or 40-Spline Chromoly Axleshafts
  • High-Strength Series 30 or Series 21 (934) CV Joints
  • 11.25-Inch (386 mm) Ring Gear
  • Structurally-Integrated Nodular-Iron Differential Cover Engineered to Withstand Heavy Impacts
  • Aluminum Differential Cover is Available for Reduced-Weight Vehicle Programs
  • Multiple Driveshaft Flanges are Available
  • Low-Pinion Design
  • Suitable for Vehicles up to 11,000 Lb. (4,990 kg) GAWR
  • Made in the USA


ProRock XD60-GM-IFS™

Dynatrac™ introduces the missing link in GM IFS truck drivetrain: the ProRock XD60-GM-IFS™ for the ultimate upgrade in front axle strength and durability. Developed for military applications, the ProRock XD60-GM-IFS provides unmatched strength and durability for 2007 and newer GM 2500 HD 4x4 trucks with Duramax and Allison transmission.

The core of the new Dynatrac ProRock XD60-GM-IFS is high-strength nodular iron center section. The XD60-GM-IFS features exclusive larger carrier and pinion bearings for even more strength. It uses a massive 10.1-inch ring gear compared to the factory 9.25-inch gear. Even more significant to durability, though, Dynatrac designed the new center section for world-class rigidity, increasing the stability of critical tolerances during high stress. This nearly eliminates the chance of gear failure caused by axle housing deflection.

The ProRock XD60-GM-IFS features optimal cast-in bosses for air locker and electric locker connections, and the mounting points for the housing are an integral part of the casting.

In addition to these engineering advancements in the center section, the Dynatrac XD60-GM-IFS features an all-new structurally-integrated differential cover designed to add strength to the overall housing. The cover is made from nodular iron, attaches with 7/16-inch Grade 9 fasteners and a captured O-ring seal.

The Dynatrac ProRock XD60-GM-IFS comes with 35-spline or 40-spline 4340 inner axleshafts and supports stock, 934 or Series-30 CV flanges. The ProRock XD60-GM-IFS accepts a full range of differentials, including air lockers and electric lockers. Gear ratios are available from 3.54:1 to 5.38:1.

  • High-Strength Nodular Iron Center Section
  • 10.1-inch Diameter Ring Gear vs Factory 9.25-inch Diameter Ring Gear
  • Center Section Rigidity Drastically Increases Stability of Internal Components
  • Structurally-integrated Differential Cover Designed to Add Strength to the Overall Housing
  • Available with 35-spline or 40-spline 4340 Inner Axles hafts, and Supports Stock 934 or Series-30 CV Flanges
  • Gear ratios are available from 3.54:1 to 5.38:1
  • Features Cast-in Bosses for Air Locker and Electric Locker Connections
  • Nodular Iron Cover Attaches with 7/16-inch Grade 9 Fasteners and a Captured O-Ring Seal

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  1. ProRock XD60-IFS™

    ProRock XD60-IFS™

    Dynatrac™ introduces a solution for IFS 4x4s and KOH competitors that delivers an unmatched combination of strength, durability, size and value. The all-new Dynatrac ProRock XD60-IFS™ will take the abuse of high-horsepower and high-traction off-road tires, letting competitors use the skinny pedal without fear of breaking the differential. Learn More

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