ProRock 44/60 Hybrid™

ProRock 44/60 Hybrid™


The Dynatrac ProRock44/60 Hybrid™ offers all of the advantages of the ProRock 44™ plus the advantage of Dynatrac Pro60® axleshafts, knuckles, fixed spindles, 1480 steering joints and hubs. This provides the unbeatable ground clearance of a Dynatrac ProRock 44 and the axleshaft and outer-end strength of a ProRock 60! Add the strength of a Dynatrac Pro 60 at the ends of an ultra-high ground clearance ProRock 44. Dynatrac JK axles include exclusively designed ABS and stability control sensor mounts to maintain all factory function of these systems.

ProRock 44/60 axles are available with either Warn or optional Dynatrac DynaLoc™ locking hubs. When you use the Dynaloc locking hubs with our exclusive Stub Hub kit, the overall package is 4.75-inches narrower. That means that the hubs tuck into the wheels better with 2.388-inches per side.

Check out these standard features:

  • The most ground clearance of any 44-based axle
  • 35-spline, 1 ½-inch induction-hardened axleshafts with 1480 steering joints
  • Patented ProRock44™ design
  • Dynatrac Pro Series 60 heavy duty ends package (Larger knuckle, shaft, spindle, brakes, and internal hub)
  • ABS retrofit @ wheel ends
  • Rock-proof nodular-iron Dynatrac™ diff cover included
  • Alloy-steel end forgings with Dynatrac HD BallJoints™ installed in front axle assemblies
  • Available in standard and custom widths, caster and pinion angles
  • Made in the USA
  • Exclusive Dynatrac 1-year no-fault, unlimited-mileage warranty
  • 8.8-inch ring gear diameter
  • Choice of ring and pinion ratio
  • ARB locking differential
  • Input yoke - 1310 (U-bolt style)
  • Dynatrac JK heavy duty coil spring suspension bracket set (Includes heavy duty brackets and installation)
  • Upgraded disc brake assemblies
  • Wheel bolt pattern - 5x5.5, 6x5.5 or 8x6.5 available
  • Warn Premium heavy duty 35-spline manual locking hub assemblies


Optional Equipment:

  • ARB air compressor kit
  • 35 spline, 1½”diameter alloy outer axle shaft assemblies w/Warn Premium 35 spline locking hubs upgrade
  • Competition 4340 Chromoly 35 spline axle shaft upgrade (Includes 4340 inners & outers + 2 CTM joints)
  • 5x5.5” Dual Piston 13.25” Vented Rotor “Big Disc” Brake upgrade - *Min. 17” wheel required
  • 5x5.5” Wilwood 6 Piston 14” Rotor Disc Brake Pkg. - *Min. 17” wheel required
  • 8x6.5” Dual Piston, 14.50” Vented Rotor “Big Disc” Brake Upgrade - *Min. 17” wheel required
  • 1350 Yoke (U-bolt style)
  • Braided stainless steel brake hose kit (To be sent after axle is installed due to length requirement)
  • Reid Racing King Pin End-Forging & Knuckle Substitute Assy. - 5, 6 and 8 lug
  • Dynatrac 30 or 35 spline full-time 4WD drive gears
  • Dynatrac DynaLoc™ Heavy Duty Manual Locking Hubs - Upgrade
  • Dynatrac Stub-Hub Conversion Kit - Upgrade
  • NEW! – Dynatrac Heavy Duty Ball Joint Upgrade (Uppers & Lowers)
  • Dynatrac Heavy Duty Cross-Over Steering Assembly (Tie Rod & RH Steering Arm – Reuse Drag Link
  • Powder coat finish (Color TBD by customer)
  • Axle installation (Estimated Labor)

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