Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set

This pair of Dynatrac axles is for those who will not settle for anything less than the very best drivetrain durability, quality and extreme performance.

Engineered for Jeep JKs running tires in diameters from 37- to 44-inches, modified engines or engine swaps, deep gear reduction, transfer cases with 4:1 or more gearing and drivers who haven’t met a challenge they didn’t try to conquer, the Dynatrac Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set™ will provide you with a truly ultimate pair of axles.

You get an assembled ProRock XD60® front axle and ProRock 80™ full-float rear axle – legendary axles that stand above all the competitors.

The Dynatrac ProRock XD60®.

The Dynatrac engineering team went back to the drawing board to find ways to increase the strength and durability beyond the patented ProRock 60® which is already the industry standard for upgrades beyond the Dana 60.

Advantages of the all-new Dynatrac ProRock XD60® axle housing include:

  • The axle was designed to hold a larger differential and 10.1-inch ring gear, providing a 16 percent strength increase over 9.75-inch Dana 60 gears.
  • The patented design provides the best ground clearance in the industry.
  • The new Dynatrac ProRock XD60® starts with a center section cast from high-strength nodular iron.
  • Using CAD/FEA and advanced engineering tools, Dynatrac designed the new center section for increased rigidity, increasing the stability of critical tolerances during high stress for better durability.
  • It is also available with larger carrier and pinion bearings for even more strength.
  • The internal Dynatrac Dual Sump High Volume (DSHV) lubrication system provides optimal oiling.
  • All of these improvements were achieved while also making the center section 15 percent lighter.
  • The ProRock XD60® also has optimal cast-in features for air locker and electric locker connections.
  • In addition to these engineering advancements in the center section and wheel ends, the Dynatrac XD60® also features an all-new differential cover designed to withstand brutal beatings in demanding off-road and racing conditions. The lower bolt heads are deeply embedded in the cover for skid protection, and the fasteners are the largest in the industry: 7/16 inch compared to conventional 3/8 inch. The rock ribs have been placed for optimal protection.

The Dynatrac ProRock XD60® is designed for 3 3/4-inch outside-diameter axle tubes with either 1/4-inch or 5/16-inch wall thickness. The 1/4-inch-thick axle tubes are 22 percent stronger than a 3 1/8-inch-diameter tube with 5/16-inch wall thickness, and they weigh the same. The 5/16-inch-thick tubes are 12 percent stronger and 18 percent lighter than 3 1/8-inch-diameter tubes with 1/2-inch wall thickness.

Featuring the Dynatrac-exclusive 1550LT® Wheel Ends

  • Our new 1550 LT® wheel ends are made from high-strength, lightweight, military-grade aluminum.
  • Forged 4140, heat-treated, fixed spindles and serviceable wheel bearings support tires up to 44 inches.
  • No other 4x4 front axle offers the ease of steering, low scrub radius, effective Ackermann angle and high steering linkage positioning.
  • Dynatrac-exclusive U.S.-made forged, double-heat-treated 1550 35-spline axleshaft assemblies. These are the best shafts in the industry and are capable of up to 50-degree turning angles.

Wayalife produced this video that shows the massive new Dynatrac 1550LT® wheel end.

This Wayalife video explains Ackerman and scrub radius, and how the Dynatrac 1550LT® wheel end minimizes scrub radius for best-in-class steering on-road and off!

The Dynatrac ProRock 80™.

The Dynatrac ProRock 80™ is the ultimate rear axle upgrade. Big tires? Big power? No problem! No other axle in existence handles this much torque, has this much ground clearance and is this lightweight. Do your worst. The massive 11.25-inch ring gear, giant 2-inch diameter pinion and 40-spline 4340 axleshafts give the ProRock 80 the ability to handle huge tires, a massive rig and a heavy right foot.

Wayalife filmed the production of a Dynatrac 80® axle, which lets you see the details of the components and manufacturing.

The lightest axle in its class, the ProRock 80™ has all the beef you’ll need in your JK to handle the largest tires with the hottest motor. Designed to handle just about anything you can throw at it, the ProRock 80™ has the strength to get you there and back. The ProRock 80™ is based off of the massive Dana 80. We took the best features of the Dana 80, added in the best features of our ProRock® design and ended up with an axle that can handle the toughest terrain. 

No other axle in existence can handle this much torque, have this much ground clearance, and be this lightweight.....PERIOD!

Features and Standard Equipment:

  • 100% designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA
  • Lightest axle assembly in its class
  • Full floating axle design eliminates weight load on axle shafts
  • Unmatched housing rigidity to keep gears in proper mesh
  • 11.25" ring gear and 40 spline axle shafts can handle heavy weight, big horsepower and an aggressive driver
  • Sleek ProRock® housing keeps you sliding over the obstacles, not grinding to a halt
  • Most ground clearance of any axle using a 10.5" gear or larger
  • Integrated upper suspension mounting points
  • Proprietary, in-house developed forgings, housings, spindles, etc
  • CAD designed CNC cut brackets expertly welded for precise fit every time
  • Exclusive Dynatrac JK ABS and Stability Control compatibility
  • 1 year, unlimited mileage, "No-Fault", written warranty- real warranty- not empty promises
  • Exclusive high clearance custom machined Dynatrac ProRock80® standard cut heavy duty nodular iron housing
  • Heavy duty 4" diameter, 1/4" wall lightweight high rigidity Chromoly axle tubes
  • Axle width- 68.5"
  • Matched housing geometry and pinion angle for vehicle's suspension
  • Dynatrac Jeep JK heavy duty 3/16" rear coil spring brackets installed
  • Integrated upper mounting points for flexible link suspension
  • ARB Air Locker differential- 40 spline
  • Massive 11.25" ring gear with 37 spline pinion input shaft
  • Choice of USA-made Dana 80 standard-cut ring and pinion ratio 3.54-5.38
  • Dynatrac Dual Sump/High volume/High Pinion Angle Oil Modification (recommended for 11 degrees or more pinion angle)
  • 1410 input yoke
  • 8 lug (8 on 6.5") wheel pattern
  • Dynatrac ProRock80 heavy duty full float nodular iron wheel hubs, chromoly heat treated spindles and serviceable bearings
  • Heavy Duty J8 Military 13.9" vented rotor disc brake assemblies
  • Dynatrac JK ABS/ESP retrofit
  • Dynatrac ProMax 40 spline 4340 chromoly full floating axle shafts

You can configure your Elite Axle Set below, or call us at 714-421-4314 for more information!

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  1. Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set™

    Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set™


    The Dynatrac Elite ProRock XD60/80 Axle-Set™ stands alone among all other 4x4 drivetrain options. It is the very best 4WD drivetrain technology that money can buy. You simply cannot find a stronger axle solution than the ProRock Elite Axle-Set™. The U.S.-made bolt-in unit is lightweight and has higher ground clearance than its competitors.

    The ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set™ is for Jeep Wrangler JK owners who will not settle for anything less than the very best drivetrain durability, quality and extreme performance for running tires in diameters from 37- to 44-inches. If you are a highly experienced and skilled off-road driver who regularly engages in very technical off-roading with their friends and family, you enjoy taking on the hardest trails and the most difficult and challenging obstacles, this is the Axle Set for you.

    The ProRock XD60/80 Axle Set is designed specifically for large JK builds with very large tires, high-performance engine swaps, superchargers, high-torque diesel engine swaps, deep gear reduction and transfer case ratios numerically higher than 4:1. 

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  2. Hard Core Plus ProRock XD60/XD60 Axle-Set™

    Hard Core Plus ProRock XD60/XD60 Axle-Set™


    Wheel More, Worry Less™ with the Strongest 60-Class Axles Available

    The Hard Core Plus ProRock XD60/XD60 Axle Set™ is for Jeep Wrangler JK owners who want more than just “one-ton” axles. This axle set delivers Dynatrac ProRock XD60® technology front and rear. Unbeatable durability with more axle rigidity to better hold proper gear mesh under extreme loads. The exclusive Dynatrac 1550LT® wheel ends provide tighter turning, less locker bind when turning, reduced steering effort and less wear-and-tear on steering components. And both axles offer best-in-class ground clearance.

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